Putting up with those difficult people in your life

Difficult people. Gotta love them right?

This topic will be fun to write about as I can be bluntly honest.

So, my entire life I’ve always come across difficult people. Doesn’t matter what I do and how I try to avoid, I always feel like I’m the “lucky duck” that gets stuck with the most difficult person.

What’s worse is more times than not, I have to deal with the difficult people constantly and pretend like everything’s all sunshine and rainbows 🌈 when I’m really thinking of every possible way I can smack this person in to the next century and out of my life!

It’s almost like these people can drive you insane, and in my case more insane, and get away with it. How’s that fair? Makes me want to scream honestly.

I’m tested daily, especially with this one person in my life, who I truly feel is a narcissist but I have to deal with or my life will be completely ruined.

It’s so hard for me anymore to bite my tongue. Especially with my BPD with my mood constantly changing. What my main issue is, I hold so much in that I cause myself more anxiety, depression and frustration where I eventually blow.

You know, when I’m able to calm myself down, these difficult people are going to keep coming in and out of my life and most likely in and out of yours and there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it.

However, I wanna share a couple helpful tips that I have really implemented to help myself handle the difficult person and also to help my mental health. I know for me, I can’t spiral anymore out of control.

Set your boundaries. Setting healthy boundaries between you and the person is the best thing you can do. Turn off your phone, block their number after a certain time of day, don’t answer constant calls or texts.

Stand your ground. Don’t let the difficult person control you. It’s super easy to fall to these people, I usually do because I get super overwhelmed and can’t handle it. I’ve been learning to hold my ground and not take the bullshit from them. If you constantly take the bullshit, they know they have a power over you.

Cut the person out of your life if able. Simple right? Yeah it is. If you’re able to get this person out of your life, do it. You deserve better and don’t need the drama.

Find a reliable person you can talk to. Find your support. Someone who you fan talk to and trust to vent to. Don’t hold the stress and frustration in. That’s when things go badly.

I truly have to take days and just cry to myself. It’s okay to do this. It relieves so much stress and tension.

I try to remind myself as well that each storm will pass and things will get better.

Remember, you’re strong, brave and a warrior. Don’t let these difficult people drag you down and make you feel like you don’t matter. Don’t let them manipulate and twist you. You’re better and stronger.

Keep hanging on. You will prevail!

Xoxo 💋

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