Breakdowns are horrible..

I had a terrible break down today. I cried all day. I knew what was wrong but I didn’t want to say. That fear of always being judged..

I hate to be judged. I always feel so stupid when I have a breakdown.

I sit and I cry. I yell and scream. Because nothing else seems to take the pain away.

I don’t reach out to anyone because I don’t want people to think I’m weird or stupid.

I’ve been told numerous times to “get over it” or “just stop”!

Or my favorite one: “use your coping skills” 🙄

Those are things you definitely don’t want to hear during a breakdown. It shuts you down and causes the breakdown to worsen.

I know at times I have breakdowns over something “silly” or I dwell on things too long or hold grudges. It’s so hard for me to work through.

My breakdowns range from an hour to all day. I get very depressed after my breakdowns as well. Then I’m depressed for days.

Mental illness can be such a pain.

During these breakdowns, I feel like I just wanna die.

I love blogging because I feel I can express myself and be honest without judgment.

This breakdown hurt so bad today. It still does.

I made it. I survived it.

Just wish I had more support 😞

Xoxo 💋

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